The Great Comic Book Cull Of 2010/2011 Part 17: DC Comics – The Last of The Justice League!

Ok, I know I said that the last post was the last Justice League post, but I may have been lying. Or drunk. But I pinky swear this is the last of the Justice League.

Justice League The Lightning Saga and Tornado’s Path


Justice League - This Time It's Personal!!!

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, the Justice League’s Magnificent Seven years started out well, but eventually fizzled out, as these things often do. A new direction was launched, with Brad Meltzer and Ed Benes at the helm.


Although it seemed to start with a bang, I felt upon rereading that the series underwhelmed me a bit. Brad Meltzer gives us some nice character moments here, and Ed Benes always does a nice job. And while it’s definitely a readable story, this never really seems like “THE JUSTICE LEAGUE”. This incarnation isn’t out patrolling or saving the world, they’re essentially dealing with their own personal drama and letting the bad guys come to them. That’s fine for groups like the X-Men and the Teen Titans, which only exist because of interpersonal conflict. But the JLA isn’t supposed to be about personal drama, it’s supposed to be about gods fighting over the earth.

Keep (Barely)

Justice LeagueThe Injustice League


As a wedding present, we're going to act a lot dumber than we normally do.

So the biggest thing that Dwayne McDuffie accomplished with his run on the League was to get me to STOP buying JLA comics after a decade of faithful service. Yep, that’s how crappy this is. In fact, I haven’t bought a JLA trade since. The biggest problem I had with this was the complete lack of editorial guidance. To clarify: At this point, DC had decided to marry Green Arrow and Black Canary, and writer Dwayne McDuffie decided to make his first arc about their bachelor/bachelorette parties being invaded by a group of super villains. The heroes fight off the villains, and then decide to get married later on the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special. But if you actually read the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special, you will notice that some of the very same super villains attack them AGAIN, but with no mention of the previous attack at all. DC, if you don’t even read your own books, why should I? Not to mention how dumb Lex Luthor’s plan is, which seems to be summed up like this: Us attack heroes. Us kidnap heroes, drawing other heroes to our base. Heroes come, and we attack them, hoping beyond hope that we will beat them this time, even though we’ve been trying dumb shit like this for decades and it never works.


Anyways, this was the book that made me realize that the JLA wasn’t going to get any better. This was an inane storyline by a writer that I have a lot of respect for.  If I think about it, this (and a lot of the other stuff that DC was doing at the time) was actually the start of my major disillusionment with superhero comics.


Next up: Finally, no more Justice League!

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