The Great Comic Book Cull Of 2010/2011 Part Six: DC Comics – Booster Gold to the Brave & The Bold

Booster GoldDC Showcase Presents Booster Gold

This is a black and white collection of a 25 issue series that DC ran in the mid ’80’s shortly after their epic Crisis On Infinite Earths ended. It was a book that was supposed to represent the ’80’s: Material greed and Ayn Randian opportunity pour out of ever page. So as you can imagine with anything that represents it’s time so clearly, it reads as quite dated now. That being said, there’s still quite a bit to enjoy here, Dan Jurgen’s art being the primary reason to keep this book. It seemed to me as if Jurgens was struggling to find a voice for Booster here: He wanted Booster to represent greed and American capitalism, but also wanted him to be a selfless hero. That dichotomy was part of the thing that made this book interesting, but also occasionally inconsistent. After Booster’s book was cancelled, the comedic aspects of the character would be exaggerated and he would spend the next 20 years languishing in B character limbo…..


Booster GoldSeries Two Vol. 1-4.

And he’s back! Geoff Johns did such a great job rebuilding this character in the pages of 52 (see my recent Black Adam post) that DC decided to give him his own series. The premise here is quite different from his old series. Rather than trying to regain his fame and fortune, this Booster is doing everything he can to stay under the radar.  He’s essentially a time cop. His job is to repair problems with the time stream, and make sure the things that were supposed to happen, happen. But in order to be effective at that, he needs the world to think that he’s completely inefectual. But in reality, he’s the greatest hero the world will never know.

This book is big time fun. It doesn’t break much new ground, and to say that you have to be a DC continuity expert to really appreciate it is an understatement. But Dan Jurgens has put in some of the best art work of his career on this book, and it was barely noticeable when he took over the writing reigns from Geoff Johns.


Brave and the Bold Vol. 1&2.

When I found out a few years ago that Mark Waid would be writing  a new DC team-up book with George Perez on pencils, I was instantly sold. Yes, that Mark Waid, and that George Perez? Yes. Sold.

The reality of the book ended up being not quite as rosy as I had imagined however. The book was fun, and obviously Perez’ pencils were stunning as per usual. But Waid seemed to be so excited about getting as many of his favourites into each page that the book seemed to lack focus at times. Still stands up as a decent read, but not essential.


Next up: Catwoman, & The Challengers Of The Unknown! She dresses up like a cat, they challenge the unknown.

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